USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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To SB 99

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:30pm by Lieutenant Commander James Markson

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica


Now that they were clear of present danger and were underway to Starbase 99,
Buzz\'s thoughts shifted to Lt.Cmdr Markson. Buzz had seen the condidtion of the
helmsmans fighter on the few screen and he was surprised that the craft was
still mostly in one piece, but more importantly then that he hoped that Markson
was okay.

Buzz knew that he wasn\'t the only one thinking of Markson has the mood on the
bridge had dropped once they had came across the fighter, but everyone still
carried on with what they were doing.

Butterworth: Helm what\'s our ETA?

Helm: ;;after a few seconds;; Another 3 hours and 27 minutes sir.

Butterworth: Any sign of those pirates?

L\'Verrem: None sir.

Butterworth: ;;turns to Polaris;; I\'m going to head down and check on Markson.

Polaris: Mind if I join you?

Butterworth: Not at all ;;looks to Hart;; Lieutenant Hart you have the bridge.

Hart: ;;looks over her shoulder and nods her head;; Aye sir.

Buzz then followed Butterworth onto the turbolift as Hart took over command.
Once they were on the turbolift the Commodore stated the destination and the
turbolift began to descend.

OFF: Tag Butterworth and everyone else of course.

CMDR Buzz Polaris
XO USS Pacifica


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