USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Stopping the Bleeding

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:32pm by Commander Connie Butterworth

Mission: The Zone
Location: Secondary Shuttle Bay


~~Secondary Shuttlebay USS Pacifica~~~

As soon as Connie had stepped out of the way the assembled engineers quickly
set to their task of beaming the damaged bulkhead off of Lt.Cmdr.Markson\'s
leg, as it was preventing them from treating his injuries and from getting
him to sickbay. The engineers worked quickly and it only took them a few
minutes to get the transporter lock they needed.

Engineer: Alright that\'s it let\'s beam it out of there.

She watched as the damaged section of the bulkhead materialised on the floor
of the shuttlebay a few meters away from the wrecked fighter, as soon as she
got the all clear from the head engineer she climbed quickly back up into
the cockpit. She ran her tricorder over his body again before she turned her
full attention to the source of the bleeding as it was her primary concern,
because the helmsman had already lost a dangerous amount of blood. She
glanced over her shoulder and down at the waiting members of the medical

Morgan: Can you pass me up a medkit.

Shore: Sure.

Shore quickly made his way across to the fighter and passed the medkit he
was carrying up to her. Once she had hold of it, she placed down beside
herself and quickly opened it up. She gathered what she needed and began to
treat thw wounds that were responsible for the blood loss as she wanted to
get that under control before they moved him. While she worked on Markson
the doors to the shuttlebay opened and someone walked in, Connie didn\'t see
who it was as she too busy with what she doing.

Butterworth: Doctor how is he?

Morgan: ;;glances up;; He\'s in bad shape. We are going to get him to sickbay
as soon as I stop the bleeding.

No sooner had she finished speaking that she had managed to stop the
bleeding. She let out a small sigh of relief before she looked down at the
three members of the medical team who were waiting for instructions.

Morgan: Okay I\'m done let\'s get him down from here. ;;looks to Commander
Polaris;; Commander could you give us a hand.

Polaris: Of course.

The Commander jogged across to join her at the fighter and along with the
help from the medical team they managed to carefully lift Lt.Commander
Markson up out of his fighter and down onto the waiting medical cart. Connie
knelt down beside and quickly checked his vitals once more to see that he
was still in a stable condidtion.

Morgan: Alright let\'s go.

Connie stood back up as the medical team began to wheel the injured helmsman
towards the door, she turned off her tricorder and looked to Polaris and

Morgan: I\'ll keep you posted.

Butterworth and Polaris nodded their heads and Connie jogged across to join
her team as they headed out into the corridor bound for sickbay.

OFF: Tag Markson, Butterworth & Polaris

Doctor Connie Morgan
Chief Medical Officer
USS Pacifica


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