USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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A Pretty Face

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2007 @ 5:46pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew Thomas

Mission: The Zone
Location: Bar Starbase 99



Petty Officer Matthew Thomas had been at Starbase 99
for the past three weeks while he waited for his new
starship to arrive in port. He had never been a big
fan of starbase life but over the past few days he had
started to warm to the Starbase and it\'s crew, as it
had it\'s own unique atmosphere.

One location that Thomas had really grown accustom to
was \"The Travellers Bar, the smallest of the stations
two drinking establishments which was tucked away at
the far end of the stations busy promenade. While the
bar itself was quite small it was very popular as it
was always crowded and today was no different. The
place was more lively then it usually was which was
thanks to two visiting klingons who were sharing war
stories over some bloodwine. Matthew had been
listening to their stories for the past hour or so
from the bar, while he too reflected back on his own
experiences from the Dominion War, which were still
fresh in his memory.

His thoughts were intrupted when he heard someone call
his name over the talking and laughter that filled the
bar. Looking up from his half-empty drink he turned
his head around in the direction of the voice to see a
young female crewman navigating her way across the
crowded bar to where he was sitting. He recognised the
young lady instantly as Crewman Sarah Briggs who had
been acting as his host of sorts during his stay.
Matthew found her to be rather pretty and very
interesting as she was a simliar sort of person to
what he was when he first joined Star Fleet. He had
debated on inviting her out for a few drink on a few
different occasions but he chose against it as she was
a little bit too wet behind the eyes for his liking.

Thomas: Yes?

Briggs: Sorry to bother you but Lieutenant Commander
Walker wanted me to inform you that the USS Pacifica
will be docking later today.

Thomas: *surprised* Today? I thought that they weren\'t
due to dock here for another few weeks. Do you know
why they are pulling in early?

Briggs: *shakes her head* No sorry I don\'t know,
Lieutenant Commander Walker didn\'t give me any real

Thomas: I see.

He could see that Briggs was slightly disappointed
that she couldn\'t shed any more light onto the reason
why the Pacifica would be docking early, as he had
gotten to know her well enough over the past few weeks
to know that. Because she was the sort of person who
liked to impress.

Briggs: Anyway *looks down at the padd she is
carrying* Commander Warker wanted me to to pass this
onto you.

She passed the padd to him and Thomas quickly gave it
the once over. It contained some details on the
Pacifica\'s current assignment as well the ship\'s
expected docking time. After looking over the data he
looked back up at the lovely crewman.

Thomas: Thanks for this I\'ll be sure to look it over.

Briggs: *nods her head* If you need anything else just
let me know.

Thomas: ;;smiles;; That I will.

Briggs smiled before she turned around and began to
navigate her way back towards the exit. Matthew
watched her until she got to the door before he turned
back around to face the bar. He looked down at the
PADD one final time before he picked up his drink and
quickly finished it off. He placed it back down on the
bar and bid a farewell to the bartender before he got
up and made for the exit.



Petty Officer Matthew Thomas
Materials Officer


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