USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Parting Instructions

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2007 @ 4:43pm by Commander Connie Butterworth

Mission: Back in Action
Location: Sickbay USS Pacifica


~~Sickbay USS Pacifica~~

Connie headed out of her office and into sickbay, she started heading to the
exit but she spotted duty nurse Lindsay McKenzie who was sorting through
some equipment over in the corner. McKenzie was a qualified nurse who had
been with the Pacifica for just over two years and was one of the leading
members of her staff. Connie thought quite highly of her and she was on the
short list for becoming the ship\'s next head nurse. Connie headed across to
where McKenzie was working as she wanted to leave the nurse with some
instructions for just in case the Pacifica\'s newest intern showed up for
duty while she was in the mission briefing.

McKenzie: ;;looks up from her work;; Yes Doctor?

Morgan: I\'m heading up to the staff briefing if Ensign Panton shows up while
I\'m away, I\'d like you to give him a quick tour of our facilities.

McKenzie: Of course.

Morgan: Thanks I\'ll see you when I get back.

With everything now sorted Connie turned around and headed out of sickbay
and into the corridor. She made her way down the hall to the nearest
turbolift and stepped onboard. She stated her destination to the computer
which was the Briefing Room and she rode the turbolift up to deck one. As
the doors opened she stepped out into the small corridor that lead straight
to the ship\'s observation lounge that avoided the bridge. She stepped into
the room to find that she was on the first to arrive as L\'Verrem was the
only other member of the senior crew present. The tall Caitian was sitting
in his acustomary seat reading over some information on a PADD that he held
in his paws. Connie greeted him with a warm smile as she walked across to
the large briefing table and sat herself down in her usual chair.


Doctor Connie Morgan
Chief Medical Officer
USS Pacifica


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