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Meeting Lt. Commander Nichols

Posted on Tue Jul 16th, 2013 @ 8:47am by Captain Daniel Butterworth & Lieutenant Commander Megan Nichols
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Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Butterworth’s Ready Room USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382 09:25 Hours


~~~~Butterworth’s Ready Room USS Pacifica~~~~

Butterworth was sitting at his desk in his Ready Room where he was looking over a fresh batch of personnel files. The personnel files had been sent to him by Admiral Barlow and had nothing to do with his ongoing search for a new Executive Officer. The personnel files were of the senior staff of the USS Commonwealth a Nebula Class starship that was carrying out the construction work on Starbase 749 in the Orpheus System. The Commonwealth and the numerous construction crews assigned to her were currently the only Federation presence in the Isis Arm and would remain so until the Pacifica arrived in the system in several months time. It was going to be some time before Butterworth had an opportunity to met the Commonwealth’s crew in person, but he was curious to learn as much about them as he could. They were going to the Pacifica’s primary form of support during their long term mission and he wanted to know how much he could rely on them.

From what he had read so far Butterworth knew that he didn’t have much to worry about in that regard. The Commonwealth was home to an experienced crew and was led by their Commanding Officer Captain Rachel Cortez, who was also the SB749 project lead. Captain Cortez came from an Engineering background and had established a strong reputation for herself in the halls of Starfleet Command. Admiral Barlow had also spoke highly of her on several occasions, from what Butterworth had seen so far he saw no reason to disagree with the Admiral’s confidence. In the short time since she had taken over as project lead, Cortez had not only managed to get the project back on track but actually ahead of schedule. That was no mean feat given the lack of both manpower and supplies that were at her disposal.

The soft sound of the door chimes rang out and briefly filled the room. Butterworth checked the time then looked up from his reading and glanced over at the closed doors that led out on the bridge.

Butterworth: Come.

The doors opened to reveal a woman dressed in a Starfleet uniform with the rank pips of a Lieutenant Commander on her red collar. She was in late twenties and Butterworth instantly recognised her from the picture on her service record. She was none other than Lieutenant Commander Megan Nichols the Pacifica’s New Chief Flight Control Officer. The Lieutenant Commander stepped into his office and waited for the doors to close behind her, then strode purposely across to his desk. Her hands were locked together behind her back and they held a PADD which no doubt contained her transfer orders. She came to a stop and snapped to attention.

Nichols: Lieutenant Commander Megan Nichols reporting for duty Sir.

Butterworth: At ease Commander.

Nichols shoulders visibly slumped as she relaxed her posture. Judging her height Butterworth guessed that she was about two inches taller than his wife Connie. She had longish dark brown hair that was tied back in a sharp professional no-nonsense ponytail and had sharp blue eyes.

Butterworth: ;;indicates a chair;; Please have a seat.

He flicked off his desk monitor and waited until she was seated before he continued.

Butterworth: Can I offer you something to drink? Tea? Coffee?

Nichols: ;;shakes her head;; No. I’m fine thank you sir.

Butterworth: I apologise that I couldn’t meet you when you beamed aboard, but I’m up to my neck in paperwork at the moment.

Nichols: It’s quite all right sir. Lieutenant Venn was more than happy to show me the ropes.

Butterworth nodded his head as turned to the replicator and ordered for himself a cold glass of water. He picked up the clear glass from the replicator shelf as soon as it materialised and took a sip from the cool drink. He placed the glass back down on his desk and picked up a PADD that contained a copy of her personnel file. He then turned his full attention to the waiting Lieutenant Commander.

Butterworth: I’ve been reviewing your service record and I must say that it makes for an impressive read.

Nichols: ;;smiles proudly;; Thank you sir.

Butterworth: Your last Commanding Officer, Captain Donnelly spoke very highly of you in his recommendation, but I do have some questions that I would like to ask you.

Nichols: ;;nods slowly;; I expected as much sir.

Butterworth: Let’s start with the obvious one. Why did you request a transfer from the Neptune?

Nichols: For opportunity and variety sir.

Butterworth: ;;takes a sip from his drink;; Go on and please feel free to speak your mind.

Nichols: ;;considers her words;; The Neptune is a good ship sir but we have spent the better part of the last two years tracking back and forth between Starbases 99 and 456. ;;looks at the starbase out of the window;; There’s only so many times that you can fly back and forth between them without going crazy.

Butterworth smiled and took another sip from his glass of water. He continued to listen to the Lieutenant Commander‘s words as she spoke with passion and conviction about her decision to leave the Neptune. He fully understood where she was coming from in her desire to break away from routine. Most people joined Starfleet with the dream of exploring the stars and seeking out new life forms that was hard to do when you spent most of the time hauling yourself back and forth between different starbases.

Butterworth: Before that you were on the Columbia?

Nichols: ;;nods;; Yes sir. I joined her about half way through her charting mission in the Lorenz Cluster.

Butterworth: How did you find the experience?

Nichols: ;;smiles, brightly;; It was both challenging and amazing Sir. It was one of the main reasons behind why I requested a transfer to the Pacifica.

Butterworth asked her a number of follow up questions in regards to her time on the Columbia. With the Pacifica about to depart on its own long term mission of discovery he felt it was important to gage her experience at working in that sort of setting. His questioning went on for a good twenty minutes as he covered everything with her that he wanted to go over with her.

Nichols: Is there anything else that you would like to know sir?

Butterworth: ;;shakes his head;; No, I think that about covers it. ;;points to the PADD in her hands;; Is that your transfer orders.

Nichols: ;;glances quickly at the PADD she is holding;; Oh yes, it is.

She passed the PADD to him. Butterworth gave it a quick once over before placing it down on his desk, he would look over it properly in the afternoon when he had some free time on his hands. He picked up another PADD from his desk and quickly double checked the PADD’s contents before passing it across to Nichols.

Butterworth: Here is your duty assignment for the next couple of weeks along with a copy of your department’s manifest.

Nichols reached out and took the PADD from Butterworth’s hand. Her blue eyes quickly scanning on the PADD’s documents.

Butterworth: Please review it at your leisure and let Lieutenant Venn know if you have any questions or concerns.

Nichols: ;;nods;; I will.

Butterworth: Well.

He stood up from his chair and offered Nichols his hand. She looked up at him, arose from her seat and quickly shook his hand.

Butterworth: ;;smiles;; Welcome aboard Commander!

OFF: I will try to come up with a small bio for Nichols over the weekend that I will put on the wiki. Might also do a character picture further down the line as well, who knows.

Daniel Butterworth


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