Andre Belanger

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Andre Belanger
Biographical Information






Physical Description

5' 10"


170 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets


Starfleet Medical


Medical Officer



Played By:


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Physical Appearance

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 170lbs

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Green


Medium build broad shoulders upper body development due to sports training. Small scar above left eyebrow below hairline.

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Typical type B personality, driven by loyalty to both friends and duty. Inventive, able to see beyond conventional wisdom. Not necessarily a great risk taker, will weigh pros and cons before proceeding. While appears to be 'laid-back', can be counted on to initiate others. Standard Daystrom/Stress Analysis Testing shows levels of stress and excitability to be far lower than average. Can possibly be linked to fact that he was raised in a non-Starfleet environment. Scored lower in anxiety and panic modes than those who had a background that was steeped in Starfleet tradition. Typically level headed, hard working, yet able to be 'wind down' at a moment's notice. Does not have a large circle of friends, but has an above higher instance of acquaintances, possibly due again to his more 'normal' upbringing and also his parent�s diligence to their children. Has a very small number of life long friends, with whom he communicates on a regular basis. Strong family ties, especially with his sister. Works well in either groups or individually. Can work without requiring supervision.

Has an eye for the female form. Enjoys the company of women in general.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Compassionate and dedicated to his work and friends. Will sacrifice much if the cause is right.

Does not suffer fools easily. Authority may be a problem when it comes to interfering with his Medical work.


To return to his home and serve the community in order to give back to it what it gave to him.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
  • Preferred Food: Beef, served any way
  • Hobbies & Interests: Kayaking
  • Water sports
  • Plays Banjo
  • Earth Film and Television History, circa 1935-1985
  • Foosball Champion - North American Sector, 3 consecutive years
  • 3rd Dan black belt, Karate
  • Player, Revivalist-Hockey League, East Coast Division - Cambridge Grey Shirts - Baltimore Baymen
  • Director, Revivalist-Hockey League, East Coast division


Father: Jean-Pierre Belanger - botanist - (age 54)

Mother: Maria Consuela de la Vega - museum curator (age 56)

Siblings: Henri Alberto - Marine Biologist (age 32), Marc Ricardo - Student (age 24) & Serena Carole - Linguistics Professor (age 28)

Martial Status: Single


2360-2365 Primary Education Ecole St. Adele St. Adele des Monts, NAS

2366-2370 Secondary Education Academie de Monteal Montreal, NAS

2371-2372 Tertiary Education Institute Roma Rome, ES

2373-2375 Medical School Harvard Univeristy Cambridge, NAS

2376-2377 Residency John Hopkins Baltimore, NAS

2378-2380 Starfleet Medical Starfleet Academy San Francisco, NAS

Born on January 1st in a small town north of Montreal, where his father worked as a Botanist at the local Genetic MOD center. His mother is the curator for the Montreal Museum of Natural History. Entire family is very environmentally conscious. Had a normal childhood and learned English, French and Spanish from his parents. Decided on Medicine at an early age after witnessing the death of a close friend and feeling powerless to have prevented it. Grades were well above average, allowing him to attend Harvard Universality beginning at the age of 18, where he graduated in the top 10 percentile of his class. Completed a 2-year Residency Program at Johns Hopkins University Hospital before joining Starfleet, where he continued his education for a further 3 years, graduating at the age of 26.

Service Record

2381-2381 Ensign U.S.S. Hornet Defiant Class Medical Officer

2382-2382 Ensign Izar Teaching Fellowship Professor of Medicine

2383- Ensign U.S.S. Pacifica Sovereign Class Medical Officer

Education: Academy Major: Medicine

Academy Minor: Sciences

Additional Education: 3 years Harvard Medical School

2 years Residency, Johns Hopkins

Mission Participation

Total: 1

Character Awards

Simmer of the Month: 1 (January 2007)