USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Approach to Ti\'ane

Posted on Thu Oct 18th, 2007 @ 8:40am by 1st Lieutenant Taylor Mitchell

Ranking Executive Marine Officer\'s personal log; Stardate 102007.17:

I dare not speak it to any of the crew, but I have been having problems containing my mental focus while on duty as of late. Previously simple matters, such as avoiding the violation of others\' personal thoughts and feelings have become increasingly more arduous in their undertaking and I have come to a conclusion of the gravest nature concerning my position on active duty. I believe that some time in solitary meditation may help to re-focus my Betazoid faculties, and once-more bring them under the control of my struggling human mind. I have never before encountered such difficulties in such intensity and of such sparradity, yet, my instances of control seem to be drawing out, and those during which I cannot contain my subconcious curiosity seem to be dragging closer.

Therefore, for the benefit of my fellow crewmembers, and for the benefit of my own health and sanity, I will be requesting to remove myself from active service until I see my self fit to return to the Marine Corps. I know little of Doctor Morgan - no, Butterworth - I know little of Doctor Butterworth\'s qualifications in the field of Betazoid \"shared\" psychology, nevertheless I will be organising a meeting with her some time over the next few days, before I submit to these uncontrollable tides and sentence myself to seclusion within my quarters.

Computer; end recording.

RECORDING ENDS - Time: 2239hrs


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