USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Sealed Personal Log: Taylor Mitchel (DCP: Confirmed Fatality)

Posted on Mon Sep 29th, 2008 @ 9:20am by 1st Lieutenant Taylor Mitchell


Sealed Personal Log: Taylor Mitchel (DCP: Confirmed Fatality)

Recipient: Butterworth, Commodore Daniel James
Status: Sealed, Delivery Conditions Pending (DCP)
Delivery: Confirmed Fatality: Taylor Setreh Leon Mitchel

Begin Log entry:

Commodore Butterworth, I expect that if you\'re reading this message, you\'ll also be reading a similar one from Commander Markson. I want you to know that I am sorry, dispite what you may think. I really do... did look up to you, thank you for taking a chance on me - I don\'t know of many other Captains that would have done the same. I also want you to know that I must have died with honour, as I\'d always hoped I would; and also that I went out fighting for my principals... the importance of which is something I\'ve learnt from you, Sir.

I will make sure that in doing what I\'m doing, I\'ll UNdo some of the damage that my father has caused. You don\'t have to understand, but my honour, and that of my family are one, together. I can\'t allow him to carry on doing as he is. Run a long range sensor sweep, you will find a subspace beacon, where you may perhaps recover the Commander\'s shuttle. My failure is disappointing, but perhaps I have served to eliminate some of the illegal weapons market, only time will tell if my name will be remembered... Nonetheless, should I fail, I shall serve to prove that I was not fit to assume such responsibility as that afforded me on the Pacifica.

My only regret is the loss of Commander Markson, we did not see \"eye-to-eye,\" but he will be mourned. I assure you I tried my best to keep him out of harms way. My sincerest regrets.

Please deliver a message concerning me to Rebecca Watson of the Catherine Miller Memorial Orphanarium, New Orleans. Tell her... I never thought I\'d go before that stubbern old horse. And that... I know now... I should have been there.

Goodbye Commodore... Daniel. There are my reasons layed out for all. An explaination befitting someone looked up to by so many. I\'m sorry for the long message from the grave. Maybe I\'ll see you around some time... Somewhere past Warp 10.

Sir *Taylor\'s face backed into the darkness, a shadow against the warp stream outside his window* Computer, end recording.

End of Log Entry



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