USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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New Day

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2013 @ 2:10am by Captain Daniel Butterworth & Lieutenant Josie Harris

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382 07:30 Hours

OFF: Moving forward to the next morning.


~~~~Bridge USS Pacifica~~~~

Butterworth’s day had gotten off to an earlier than usual start. He had woken up early after a long night that he had spent tossing and turning. He had hit up an almost empty gym on deck 10 for a workout to let off some steam, before returning to his quarters for a quick shower. He had shared a quiet breakfast of jam toast and fruit with Connie before setting out to the bridge to get what promised to be another long day under way.

The turbolift that he was riding slowed and came to stop as the cart reached its destination. The doors slid open and Butterworth stepped out onto the bridge of the starship Pacifica and took a look around. With the ship docked at Starbase 456 the bridge was quiet and there were only a few officers on duty. The helm was vacant, as was the main two science stations. A Tellerite Ensign was sitting at Operations station at the front of the bridge and Ensign Vince Parker was manning the security station behind the XO’s chair. Ensign Parker was talking with the officer of the watch Lieutenant Josie Harris.

Lieutenant Harris turned at the sound of the turbolift doors closing and glanced across the bridge to where Butterworth was now standing. She smiled and wrapped up her conversation with the security officer before walking across to join her Commanding Officer.

Harris: Good morning Commodore.

Butterworth: Morning Lieutenant, quiet night I take it?

Harris: ;;smiling;; As per usual Sir.

Butterworth nodded his head, the graveyard shift on the Pacifica was normally always uneventful, even more so when the ship was docked at a Starbase.

Butterworth: Anything major to report?

Harris: ;;shakes her head;; Nothing out the usual sir. Cargo Operations reports that they’ll be ready to receive the next shipment from the Starbase as scheduled. The Orion pulled into dock earlier this morning at 0430.

Butterworth knew the Orion and her Captain pretty well. She was a Nebula Class starship that had been keeping a close eye on the Cestus System for the past several days. The Orion had been due to arrive in the Hermes System well over twelve hours.

Butterworth: She was late ;;rubs his chin;; Any reason for the delay?

Harris: From what we can tell they were monitoring a Gorn Frigate in the nearby Martens System.

Butterworth nodded his head as he listened to Harris’ report. The sighting of a Gorn warship outside of Cestus was a little bit troubling. Since their unprovoked invasion of the Cestus System in October the Gorn had been content to sit on their hands and bide their time. The fact that one of their ships had now been seen outside o

Butterworth: Anything else?

Harris: The USS Neptune signalled us a short while ago and reported that they will be arriving in the system at 0900.

That came as some good news to Butterworth’s ears. The Neptune was carrying the Pacifica’s new Chief Flight Control Officer Megan Nicholls. She was taking over the position from Lieutenant Commander James Markson who had disappeared and went AWOL last month. Butterworth hated the fact that he was replacing Markson so soon, but the Pacifica needed an experienced hand at the helm for the Isis Mission and Lt. Cmdr. Nicholls was well qualified for the job.

Butterworth: Let me know when the Neptune arrives. Also have Lieutenant Venn join me in my Ready Room as soon as he comes on duty.

Harris: Will do.

Butterworth paused for a moment and took a quick glance around the bridge at the various occupied workstations before looking back at the senior communications officer.

Butterworth: Well the bridge is yours Lieutenant.

The Lieutenant nodded her head and smiled politely. Leaving Harris to what was left of her shift Butterworth turned and crossed the bridge to his Ready Room. The doors slid open as he approached and he stepped into his personal office. The first thing to greet him was an untidy pile of PADD’s that had been stacked together unevenly on one corner of his desk. The pile of PADDs was a stark reminder to him that it was going to be another one of those days.

OFF: I will be doing a Joint Post with Matthew over the next couple of days. So there will be more to come.

Daniel Butterworth


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