USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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First Impressions

Posted on Thu Jul 11th, 2013 @ 7:24am by Captain Daniel Butterworth

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Bridge USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382 09:50 Hours


~~~~ Bridge USS Pacifica ~~~~

Butterworth exited his Ready Room and walked onto the bridge of the USS Pacifica. Like it had been earlier the bridge was still quiet but this time he was greeted by a sea of new faces as the morning’s alpha shift was now well and truly underway. Lieutenant Akaris Venn the ship’s Chief Intelligence Officer who was currently filling in as First Officer stood from the command chair and nodded at his Commanding Officer as Butterworth approached.

Venn: Cargo Operations reports that they are ready to receive the second shipment.

Butterworth nodded his head and took a quick glance at the time displayed by the ship’s chronometer. He was pleased to note that they were still right on schedule.

Butterworth: Excellent.

He turned and looked across to the Ensign who was manning the Operations Station in lieu of Lieutenant Hart who wasn’t on the bridge at the current time.

Butterworth: Contact the Starbase and let them know that we are ready to proceed at their discretion.

Ops Officer: Aye sir.

The young Operations Officer nodded his head, as his hand flew across his workstation. Butterworth left him to his work and turned back to Lieutenant Venn.

Butterworth: By the way Lieutenant. What are your first impressions on our new helmsman?

Butterworth had just spent the last twenty or so minutes meeting with the new Pacifica’s new CONN Officer Lieutenant Commander Megan Nichols. She had just arrived on the Pacifica from the USS Neptune and he wanted to get an assessment from Venn on their new Lieutenant Commander. She was replacing the sure hands of Lt. Cmdr. James Markson who had been the Pacifica’s top helmsman for the past two years. He had held some initial concerns about bringing in a new helmsman so soon after Markson’s abrupt departure but Nichols had been quick to put those concerns to bed. She was confident, headstrong, experienced and her Starfleet record to date had been impressive. He had no doubt that she would prove to be a wonderful asset to the Pacifica and its crew.

Venn: Well she doesn’t lack in confidence that’s for sure.

Butterworth: ;;smiles;; You just described nearly every pilot in Starfleet.

Venn: She seems more then capable though and she has plenty of command experience.

Butterworth nodded his head in agreement and continued to listen to the Lieutenant’s assessment. Venn had raised an interesting point with the command experience and it was true. Nichols had been one of the most senior officers on her previous assignment Butterworth knew that her experience would come in handy especially with all of the changes that were currently taking place aboard the Pacifica.

Butterworth: Well that’s something to keep in mind. I better head down and speak with Lieutenant Commander Horne.

Venn nodded his head and smiled sympathetically. Butterworth had told him about Horne’s reassignment earlier in the day.

Butterworth: You’ve got the bridge Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Venn nodded his head and silently went back to his work. Butterworth took a quick glance around the bridge before setting off to the nearest turbolift at the front of the bridge. The lifts doors shot open as he approached and he stepped onboard. He turned around to face the bridge as he quietly stated his destination to the computer.

Butterworth: Diplomatic Wing, Deck 8.

He crossed his arms in front, and watched the turbolift doors slide shut. Butterworth was not looking forward to his upcoming conversation with Lieutenant Commander Horne as he had to deliver the unpleasant news to him that he was being transferred to Starbase 99. The Lieutenant Commander would be joining Ambassador Keith Kingsley team at the three party peace talks that were currently unde rway at the station. He knew that Matthew was not going to happy with the news, which was understandable, but there was little that Butterworth could do about it. The turbolift slowed down as it reached deck 8. It stopped momentarily before speeding up again as the cart sped along the deck towards the Diplomatic Wing.

OFF: I will back post myself meeting with our NPC Helmsman tomorrow, but for now I need to keep things moving forward. My JP with Horne will be up shortly.

Daniel Butterworth


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