USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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Posted on Sat Jul 13th, 2013 @ 3:12am by Lieutenant Commander Mark Kirkwood & Lieutenant Adrian Doherty
Edited on on Sat Jul 13th, 2013 @ 3:12am

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Main Engineering USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382 10:30


Mark was sitting down in Main Engineering hard at work at his favourite console. He and the members of his staff who weren't working on the day's various maintenance tasks were giving the ship's powerful warp engines a complete once over. The ship's engines had been operating a peak efficiency for months now but Mark wanted to make certain that everything was perfect ahead of the Pacifica's upcoming deep space assignment. He looked up from his work as he spotted Lieutenant Doherty heading in his general direction.

Doherty: We just heard back from Ops, they can't seem to find the problem with the power grid for the decks environmental controls either.

Kirkwood: Diagnostic?

By long habit he'd slipped into verbal shorthand, and Doherty was quick to follow suit; the two engineers had worked long enough together to know what sentence the ONE word questions represented.

Doherty: ;;shakes his head;; Inconclusive.

Kirkwood: Re-route?

Doherty: Secondaries seemed ok...same problem now though

Mark considered the problem for a couple of seconds. They had been having difficulty with the environmental controls on Deck 22 for the last couple of hours. It wasn't a major problem by any stretch, and had only caused the temperature on the deck to increase by 1 degree but it was still something that needed to be fixed.

Kirkwood: EPS grid...power couplings maybe...we'll need a manual check of the entire subsystem for that deck

Doherty: Want me to go walk the tubes and have a look?

Kirkwood: ;;shakes his head;; No I want you to finish looking over the coils. Send Moody, he should be done with the sensors by now.

Doherty: ;;smiles;; Will do Sir.

Kirkwood: And let me know what he finds.

Doherty nodded his head and disappeared out of view. Mark turned back around in his chair and went back to his own work. He loaded a fresh set of data up on to the screen that contained the precise calculations for the Pacifica's warp intermix ratio. He leaned back in his chair and started to gaze over the calculations with a keen eye.

Off: Just a short one to establish where I am.

Lt. Commander Mark Kirkwood
Chief Engineer
USS Pacifica


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