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The Unexpected.

Posted on Mon Jul 15th, 2013 @ 3:55am by Captain Daniel Butterworth & Lieutenant Commander Matthew Horne & Lieutenant JG Jessica Santiago & Petty Officer 3rd Class Lori Mullen

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Diplomatic Wing, Deck 8, USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382, 10:30


~~~ Diplomatic Wing, Deck 8, USS Pacifica ~~~

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jessica Santiago walked into the main reception area of the Pacifica’s Diplomatic Wing with her gym bag slung over one shoulder. Lori Mullen who was working at the main reception desk looked up at and greeted Jess with her usual bright and warm smile.

Mullen: ;;nods courteously;; Lieutenant.

Jess returned Lori’s smile and took a quick swig from her water bottle. She walked across the room to where Lori was seated and pointed with her free hand behind Lori’s desk at the closed doors of Lieutenant Commander Horne’s office.

Santiago: Hi Lori. I just got a call from the boss. He wants to see me.

The pleasant look on Lori’s face changed to one of confusion as the young enlisted officer’s brow furrowed in surprise. Jess was going to question her but she didn’t get a chance as Lori’s professional demeanour quickly returned. Without a second thought Lori’s hand came up from her desk and tapped at her commbadge.

Mullen: +Taps+ Mullen to Horne.

Horne: =^= Yes. Go ahead. =^=

Mullen: Lieutenant Santiago is here should I.

Horne: ;;interrupts;; =^= Send her in. =^=

Mullen: ;;nods;; Yes sir.

Lori closed the intercom channel and looked back up at Jessica, her smile quickly returning to her face.

Mullen: You can go on through Ma’am.

Santiago: Thanks. Can I leave this with you?

Jess asked Lori as she indicated towards the gym bag that she was slung over her shoulder with a tilt of the head.

Mullen: ;;nods;; Yes, that’s fine.

Jess thanked her again; quickly she shoved her now empty drink bottle and her sweat drenched towel into her bag. She closed the bag and passed it to Lori who stowed it under the desk. Jess brushed her ponytail back over her shoulder and walked over to Horne’s Office.

She entered the Lieutenant Commander’s office and in total surprise came to a dead stop. Before her eyes stood not only Lieutenant Commander Horne but the Pacifica’s Commanding Officer, Commodore Daniel Butterworth as well. Out of instinct her body went rigid and she quickly snapped to attention. Her mind was racing a mile a minute with all kinds of thoughts and questions. What had she walked into? Why hadn’t Lori told her that Commodore Butterworth was here? Had she just walked in and interrupted an important meeting? Why did Lieutenant Commander Horne look so annoyed? Had she do something wrong?

Santiago: ;;speaking quickly;; Sorry Sir, if this is a bad time I can come back later.

She automatically started to edge back towards the door, but Commodore Butterworth raised his hand, stopping Jess in her tracks.

Butterworth: No its all right Lieutenant, please take a seat.

Jessica nodded her head glumly in mute agreement and took a seat in the chair that the Commodore had pointed to. She had a bad feeling that she was about to be chewed out over something that she either had or hadn’t done. Jess was suddenly feeling very self conscious and felt very under dressed in just her runners, gym shorts and a sweaty short tank top.

Butterworth: Did we catch you in the middle of a workout Lieutenant?

Santiago: Ah no Sir, ;;quickly shakes her head;; I had just finished.

Butterworth: ;;nods;; Well we’ll try not to keep you for too long.

The Commodore’s words had went some way to reassuring Jess that something bad wasn’t about to transpire. Lieutenant Commander Horne however had yet to speak a word and the look on his face was still one of annoyance. The Lieutenant Commander also didn’t seem to be paying much attention to what was going on around him. He didn’t speak until the Commodore finally looked in his direction.

Horne: For reasons that I cannot remotely begin to comprehend. Ambassador Kingsley in his infinite wisdom has decided that he requires my personal assistance at the Tri-party peace talks with the Gorn.

Santiago: ;;frowns;; I don’t understand.

Horne: To put it in simple terms Lieutenant I have been reassigned.

Butterworth: ;;pipes in;; It is a temporary reassignment.

Horne: Temporary in name only.

Butterworth: It’s a fact Commander and we’ve already been through this.

Matthew waved his arm in obvious disgust and leaned back in his chair to stew. Jessica had never seen the Lieutenant Commander in this sort of mood before. He was normally a very matter of fact sort of person with a laid back and positive attitude. She could understand his frustration though as Jess knew that Horne had been looking forward to the Pacifica’s upcoming mission. It had been all that he had been talking about for weeks and now he was going to miss the start of the mission. It was a bitter pill for anyone to swallow.

The small office fell into silence. Jess shifted uncomfortably from side to side in her chair. She didn’t know what to say, her mind raced with thoughts about what Horne’s transfer would do to the department and the Pacifica in general. When no one spoke Jess finally decided to break the silence and ask a question.

Santiago: When?

Butterworth looked to Horne to gage if he was going to answer the question or not. The blank look that he received back from his friend told him everything that he needed to know. He had known that Matthew wasn’t going to respond well to the transfer, but he hadn’t expected such a negative reaction from him. As Horne was proving to be no help at all Butterworth decided to take over control of the conversation and turned in his chair to face the young Lieutenant.

Butterworth: The starship Tranquillity will be transporting the Commander to the conference. They’ll be getting under way today at 1400 hundred.

That surprised Jess, she hadn’t expecting all of this to happen so quickly, no wonder the Lieutenant Commander was in a foul mood. Tuning back into Butterworth’s words she listened quietly as he continued.

Butterworth: While he is away I will need someone to step up and fill in as the acting department chief. That someone is you Lieutenant.

Jess shook her head in both shock and disbelief; there was no way that she had heard him correctly.

Santiago: ;;still in disbelief;; You want me to fill in?

Butterworth: ;;smiles;; That’s right Lieutenant I am naming you as the Acting Chief Diplomatic Officer until Lieutenant Commander Horne returns to the Pacifica.

Santiago: I don’t know what to say Sir but thank you. I’ll try not to let you down.

Butterworth: I’m sure that you will do fine ;;gives Horne a meaningful look;; Both of us have full confidence in both you and your abilities.

Jess nodded her head. She was in complete shock; all of this was totally unexpected. The Commodore stood from his chair and Jess quickly went to follow but the Commodore gestured for her to remain seated.

Butterworth: I’ll leave Lieutenant Commander Horne to brief you fully on everything that is going on. I’ll also be expecting a diplomatic update from you on the Gorn tomorrow at 0900.

Santiago: Understood Sir. I’ll be ready.

Butterworth: Good ;;looks to Horne;; See you this afternoon.

Matthew nodded his head but didn’t reply. The Commodore seemed undisturbed by the Lieutenant Commander’s attitude and smiled at Jess before he left the room. Jess could hear him say goodbye to Lori as the doors started to close shut. The Lieutenant Commander’s office once again fell into silence. Jess watched her superior officer quietly while he rocked back and forth in his chair.

Santiago: I’m sorry about your transfer Sir ;;tries to smile;; Hopefully you won’t be gone for too long.

The Lieutenant Commander didn’t reply and just kept rocking back and forth. The situation was starting to become uncomfortable for Jess and she didn’t dare speak. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Matthew reached forward and hit the intercom, opening a channel to Lori’s desk out in the reception area.

Horne: +Taps+ Lori get in here.

Horne stood from his chair and Jess quickly followed suit. She turned and faced the door as Lori quickly walked in. She looked surprised.

Horne: I want you to bring Santiago up to speed on the recent developments with the Gorn.

Mullen: ;;nods;; Sure thing.

Horne: Also assemble the rest of the department for a briefing at 13:00.

Mullen: ;;looks from Horne to Santiago;; Why? What’s going on?

Horne: Santiago will explain.

With that said Matthew picked up a couple of PADD’s from the top of his desk and walked out of his office leaving his two fellow officers in his wake. Both Lori and Jess watched him go before Lori spun around to face her. The young woman looked completely confused and wore a look of concern on her face. She was looking to Jess for an explanation on what was going and Jess didn’t even know where to begin.

Mullen: What’s going on?

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