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The Morning After

Posted on Mon Jul 15th, 2013 @ 7:56am by Lieutenant Commander Francine Hart & Lieutenant Commander Matthew Horne

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Horne’s Quarters, USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382 around 6:30 Hours

OFF: Okay this post is set at the start of the day and should go some way to explain some things. Warning this is a long read.


~~~Horne's Quarters USS Pacifica~~~

Matthew slowly opened his eyes as he awoke from a light sleep. He rubbed his eyes, rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling. The lights in his quarters were switched off, yet the room was lit in a dim artificial light that shone in through the small bedroom's large windows, casting shadows on the opposite wall and royal blue carpeted floor. The light emanated from the large and unusual shaped Regula Type II Starbase that dominated the star scape and the view. Matthew rubbed the sleep out and looked over at the small built in display screen that protruded from the bedside table. He awkwardly reached back, ran a finger over the smooth glass-like surface and powered it up and out of its standby screen. Matthew looked at screen and realised that it was fast approaching 0700, normally he would have been up by now but with everything that had happened last night he had forgotten to reset his alarm clock.

Matthew rested his head back onto his pillow for a couple of seconds before he looked over to the other side of his bed. A smile crossed his face as his eyes fell on the beautiful woman who was sharing his bed. The woman was none other then Francine Hart, who Matthew had been out with the night before. Francine was lying on her side with her back facing Matthew, he couldn't see her face but he could tell by her quiet and steady breaths that she was still fast asleep. She was naked, the scattered bedsheets barely covered her exposing much of her lithe figure in the dim light. It was a sight that Matthew found to be both appealing and delightful at the same time and it inflamed the growing feelings that he had for her.

He laid there softly on his side of the bed and continued to watch her quietly as she slept. As Matthew watched her sleep he couldn't help but think back to the night before. It had been a perfect evening from start to finish and it had exceeded all of his wildest expectations. It had started in the Holodeck with a romantic moonlit dinner overlooking one of the many beautiful beaches on the planet Pacifica. After dinner they had taken a stroll arm in arm along the beach before visiting a lively 21st century jazz club in the heart of New Orleans. The Jazz club had been Francine's idea, Matthew had never been a big fan of Jazz music, but to his own surprise he had found the music to be excellent and the company even better. From there one things had led to another and they had soon found themselves back in his quarters and in his bed.

Tearing his eyes away from her sleeping body Matthew glanced back to the clock and confirmed the time. It was starting to get late and he knew that he should wake up Francine. He wanted nothing more then to continue to lay there in bed and admire her curves and her butt which he had always found to be cute. In fact Matthew would of liked nothing more then to be able to spend all day with her in bed but alas they both had work to think about. Matthew didn't know when Francine was scheduled to start her shift for the day but he knew was due down in the Diplomatic Wing at 0800 sharp. He reluctantly rolled onto his side and scooted across to Francine's side of her bed. He placed his hand on her bare hip and leaned closer to her ear.

Horne: ;;almost whispering;; Fran.

She stirred slightly under his touch, but she didn't wake. Feeling playful Matthew started to slowly run his fingers up and down her side from the top of her thigh to just under her breast. He brushed her long red hair to the side and gently started to kiss her neck. She remained still and silent for a couple of more seconds before she started to squirm. A smile appeared on her face and she bit her bottom lip as she started to giggle in girlish delight.

Horne: ;;smiling;; Good morning.

Francine rolled onto her stomach as thoughts of the night before flashed through her mind in a torrent. The uncertainty that had filled her that night had quickly given away to raw emotional energy that had consumed them both in the heat of the moment. It had been wonderful and something that she would cherish for a long time. She opened her eyes and gazed almost longingly up at Matthew who hovered over her. His fingers continued to trace a delicate and enticing pattern across her back.

Hart: ;;softly with a smile on her face;; Hi.

She propped herself up onto her elbows and craned her neck in search of Matthew's lips. He leaned forward to meet her and they exchanged a brief kiss before Matthew pulled away. He retreated back to the other side of the bed, propped his pillow up against the headboard and sat up.

Horne: ;;jokingly;; It's about time you woke up.

Francine rolled from her stomach onto her back and pulled herself up into a sitting position as well. Almost protectively she clutched the sheets close to her chest. Her cascading coppery red coloured hair fell down onto her bare shoulders and covered her brown eyes as she leaned back against the solid wooden headboard.The smooth polished surfaced was cold against her back, causing her to quickly sit up straighter in bed, nearly dropping the bedsheet in the process. She pushed her hair out of her eyes with her free hand and glanced over at Matthew.

Hart: Forgive me, but I didn't get to sleep until late.

Horne: I must admit that I was half tempted to let you sleep in, but I thought better of it.

Francine smiled. She was glad that he did wake her as she had an early start to her day.

Hart: I'm glad that you didn't.

She paused for a second and pushed her hair out of her eyes for a second time and tucked the offending locks back behind her ears.

Hart: What time is it anyway?

Horne: ;;consults the clock;; Oh Seven Hundred.

Francine's brown eyes grew wide in shock and surprise. Surely it couldn't of been that late? Her internal clock was normally pretty good when it came to waking her early. Suddenly it all dawned on her as she remembered the plans that she had made the night before to meet up with Natalie at 0700 to go over some important reports and files.

Hart: Shoot! Is that the time?

Horne: ;;nods;; More like five past actually.

With all sense of modesty forgotten Francine leapt up from the bed and nearly tripped over the bedsheets that had became tangled up around her legs. Matthew look on with a mix of amusement and confusion, as the naked Lieutenant kicked and struggled her way free from the sheets. Once free she started to comb the floor in a desperate search for her clothes that had been flung everywhere during their frenzied night of passion.

Horne: ;;sitting forward;; What's the rush?

Hart: I'm suppose to be meeting with Natalie right now!

Horne: I'm sure that she won't mind if you're a little late.

Francine could already see in her mind the amused "Where have you been?" face that would be plastered all over her friends face if she saw Francine turn up in the dress she had worn the night before. She also knew that a lengthy interrogation would quickly follow as Natalie would dig for all of the juicy details on her night and those were details that Francine wanted to keep to herself, at least for the time being.

Hart: Oh, you don't know Nat!

She explained quickly as found her dress from the night before under the bedsheet that until moments ago had been on the bed. Reluctantly Matthew watched on as Francine slipped the black backless dress on over her head and pulled it down covering her body. Her head soon emerged from the top of her dress and she glanced across at Matthew who was sitting there happily enjoying the show.

Hart: Are you going to help or not?

Matthew smiled, nodded and raised his hand in resignation. He swung his legs over to the side of the bed and picked up a discarded pair of pants from the floor and climbed into them. Standing up he started to look around the room for anything that belonged to Francine. The room was starting to look like a bit of war zone which caused Matthew to wonder how the room had gotten turned upside down in the first place. A small frown crossed his face as his eyes found one of her black high heeled shoes sitting just inside the bathroom door. He picked up the shoe from the floor and returned to the bedroom where Francine was getting up from the floor with the other shoe in her hand.

Hart: ;;sounding slightly embarrassed;; Have you seen my underwear?

Horne: ;;shaking his head;; I can't say that I have.

He passed the shoe which she accepted gratefully. She sat down on the end of the bed and quickly slipped into her shoes while Matthew continued to search for Francine's underwear. He eventually found her stockings, bunched up in the corner under his jacket but he found no underwear what so ever. He turned back around to face her as she stood up from the bed.

Horne: ;;handing her the stockings;; Are you sure that you wore some last night?

Francine shot him a mortified look and subconsciously tugged at the bottom of her dress, pulling it down lower and closer to her knees. There was no way on earth that she would wear a dress out like this without any underwear on. The short backless dress already left little to the imagination and there was no way that she was accidentally going to give someone a free peep show.

Hart: ;;cheeks turning beat red;; Don't you start that with me!

Horne: ;;raises a hand defensively;; I kid. I kid. ;;looks hopelessly around the room;; I'm sure its in here some where.

Francine gave up and raised her hands in defeat. She didn't have the time to turn Matthew's room up side down to try and find them. She was already running late and desperately wanted to make it back to her quarters before Natalie arrived so she could avoid the Spanish Inquisition.

Hart: ;;pushing her hair over her shoulders;; I will have to get it later as I really need to get going.

Horne: ;;nods;; I'll walk you out.

Matthew extended a hand and offered it to Francine who happily accepted it with a smile. She took hold of his hand and together they walked out of the bedroom. They stopped momentarily for Francine to retrieve her handbag from the sofa where she had left it the night before. She shoved her stockings into the small bag, slung it over her shoulder. Matthew led her to the door and stepped to the side as the door slid open revealing the angled corridor beyond. Francine walked past him, then turned around on her and took hold of his other hand. She stepped close to him and looked up into his eyes with a twinkle in her own.

Hart: Listen I had a really wonderful time last night.

Horne: ;;smiles;; I did to.

Francine let go of his hands and wrapped her hands together behind his neck. Drawing him down to her level, their lips met in a passionate embrace that left Francine feeling weak at the knees. Their kiss lingered for what felt like an eternity, until Francine finally pulled her head back.

Horne: ;;still smiling as his hands found her hips;; We'll have to do this again.

Francine could only nod in agreement, as Matthew kissed her again. She wanted to stay in his embrace, but she knew that she couldn't, she had to go. With a great deal of personal effort she ended their kiss and gently pushed away from him and stepped out into the corridor. Matthew just looked at her then finally went to wave just as the doors started to close in front of him.

Hart: ;;as the doors closed;; Bye.

Francine leaned up against the doors wistfully. She was smiling like a schoolgirl and she had never felt any better. A passing woman with the rank of Ensign on the red collar of her uniform looked in her direction and smiled almost knowingly as she passed by.

Ensign: ;;nods;; Ma'am.

Hart: ;;quickly tugs at her dress;; Ensign.

OFF: This was a Joint Post by:

Francine Hart

Matthew Horne


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