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Walk of Shame - Part One - The Black Dress

Posted on Sat Jul 20th, 2013 @ 6:18am by Lieutenant Commander Francine Hart
Edited on on Sat Jul 20th, 2013 @ 7:36am

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Deck 3 USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382 07:10 Hours

OFF: The following is sadly based on a true story. I've decided to break it down in to 3 separate posts as it is turning out to be a lot longer then I had originally envisioned.


(Deck 3, USS Pacifica)

Lieutenant Francine Hart the Pacifica's Chief Operations Officer was in a wonderful mood as she walked happily down one the Pacifica's many corridors. She was making the relatively short trek back to her quarters following a long memorable and wonderful night spent in the company of Matthew Horne. Her mind was awash in a myriad of complex feelings that had consumed her since she had awoken a short while ago naked in his bed and her heart was aflutter with thoughts of endless possibility. It had been a long time since Francine had last felt this way about anyone. It had consumed her with a passion and a fire that she wanted nothing more than to snatch with her hands and cloak herself in it like she would with a warm blanket on a freezing cold day.

Francine was walking at a quickened pace and her high-heeled shoes made a soft padded noise in the quiet corridor with each step. She was in a desperate hurry to get back to her quarters, as she was suppose to be meeting right now with her friend and fellow Operations Officer Ensign Natalie Young. Never, even in her wildest dreams had Francine expected last night to unfold in the way it had. If she had known that she would wind up sharing Matthew's bed she never would of made plans to meet up with Natalie so early in the morning. As it was Francine was now rushing back to her quarters in what she feared would be a vain attempt to head off a grilling and interrogation that would undoubtedly come from her best friend if she happened to lay eyes on her while she was still wearing last night’s dress.

The black dress that Francine was wearing had actually been picked out for her by Natalie in the hour or so leading up to Matthew's arrival at her door. The date had practically all been arranged at the last minute and Francine had been at a total loss on what to wear until Nat stepped in to help. Over a glass of wine Natalie found in a fashion catalogue what she considered to the perfect dress for Francine to wear and one that she guaranteed Matthew would fully appreciate. Francine who at the time was fussing with her out of control hair had only briefly glanced at the dress on the PADD before nodding her head in approval and agreed with her friends assessment who rushed off to replicate it for her. On the small screen of the PADD the little back number had looked demure enough for Francine's liking as it had a kind of halter neck with a very modest décolletage. It wasn't until she held the freshly replicated garment in her hands that Francine realised how scandalous it was. To begin with the dress was much shorter then it had appeared on the screen and consequently showed off a lot more of her legs then she was normally comfortable with. What had horrified her though was the fact that the dress had no back it whatsoever with the black soft fabric ending just past her hips.

It was the sort of dress that Francine normally wouldn't of been caught dead in. Francine knew that her Mother was here she would of called it half a dress with the amount of bare skin it showed and she would of been right. It took a second glass of wine for Francine to build up enough Dutch courage just to try the revealing figure hugging thing on. She had seriously been tempted to abandon the dress and to go for something much more modest but Natalie had talked her out of it, convincing her that Matthew would love it and that it would drive him wild. Natalie had of course been right as she had noticed Matthew take more than one meaningful look at her exposed figure during the night. The problem was that everybody else that had passed during the night had done the same thing which had left Francine feeling very self conscious and a little bit uncomfortable.

Even now as Francine made the short trip from Matthew's quarters to the turbolift she could feel the eyes of everyone that she passed staring at her. She didn't blame them for staring as she would have been too, mostly out of disbelief if she passed someone dressed like she currently was. She tried her best to look as natural and composed as she could but she couldn't help but tug and fiddle nervously with her dress each time she passed someone.

After what felt like the longest walk in her life she finally reached the turbolift. She reached out pressed the down button and summoned the nearest lift to her location, hoping all the while that she would get be greeted with an empty cart. The very last thing she wanted was to wind up in a lift full of people.

OFF: To Be Continued.

Francine Hart


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