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Walk of Shame - Part Two - Awkward Moments

Posted on Sat Jul 20th, 2013 @ 7:46am by Lieutenant Commander Francine Hart & Lieutenant JG Natalie Young
Edited on on Sat Jul 20th, 2013 @ 8:46am

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Outside of the turbolift, Deck 3, USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382 07:15 Hours


(Deck 3, USS Pacifica)

It took a few moments for the turbolift to arrive at Francine's location on Deck 3, she bit her bottom lip as the doors slid open to reveal what awaited her. Much to her chagrin the turbolift wasn't empty, nor was it full either. There were only two people standing in the spacious well lit lift, one she instantly recognised from her own department as Ensign Cole Tanner who was a relatively new face to the Pacifica. He was talking with a Petty Officer who was also dressed in a Starfleet uniform with a gold collar and stripes on his cuffs. Francine didn't know him but she assumed by his imposing solid frame that he was most likely with security. Both men ceased their conversation as they eyed her and quietly stepped towards the back of the cart to make room for her. Francine smiled nervously in their direction as she quickly boarded the lift and turned to face the doors as they closed and sealed her in.

Hart: ;;to the computer;; Deck Nine.

The computer complied with a beep of acknowledgement and resumed on it's previous descent towards the Pacifica's lower decks. The turbolift ride was silent and it didn't take a genius to know why. Francine had no doubt that the two gentlemen standing behind her were enjoying the view that her dress, or lack there of it offered of her bare back. She wanted nothing more to slink her back up against the wall of the turbolift, but that would mean that she had something to hide, something to feel embarrassed and ashamed about. She did indeed feel that way, but she wasn't about to show that to the two men behind her. Stubbornly she remained rooted in place, eyes firmly fixed forward on the lifts LCARS display that showed the turbolift's slow descent. The unearthly silence that had filled the lift since Francine had stepped aboard was finally broken by the soft and almost muffled voice of Ensign Natalie Young.

Young: =/\= Young to Lieutenant Hart. =/\=

Francine visibly cringed, there was only reason behind why Natalie would be calling her and that meant that the door on her getting back to quarters unnoticed by her friend had been slammed shut. Out of instinct Francine's right hand automatically went to her chest in search of her commbadge, finding nothing but the soft fabric of her black dress. Quickly she remembered that she had stored her communicator away with the rest of her things in her handbag.

Young: =/\= Young to Francine. Are you there? =/\=

She fumbled through her bag, her hands searching for the solid and familiar shape and feel of the Starfleet Delta shaped commbadge. Finding something solid she quickly clutched at the badge and tapped it with her thumb.

Hart: +Taps+ ;;flustered;; Yes, yes I'm here go ahead.

Young: =/\= Finally you're awake. I've been standing out here looking like a fool for five minutes now. Are you going to let me in? =/\=

Hart: Yes. I'll be there in a couple of minutes.

There was silence on the other end of the comm channel and Francine could just picture the gears turning in her best friends mind as she started putting things together.

Young: =/\= Wait. Where exactly are you? =/\=

Hart: I'm in the turbolift and I'm on my way.

Young: =/\= Wait =/\=

There was a pause on the other end of the line. It was quickly followed by a loud audible gasp as the last piece of the puzzle finally fell into place.

Young: =/\= Did you spend the night with... =/\=

Francine quickly jumped in and stopped Natalie mid sentence. Her friend had already already gotten her into enough trouble with her questionable taste is dresses. She didn't need her to go on and spill to her crew mates that she had just spent the night with another member of the Pacifica's senior staff. She had already concluded that she was going to become a major source of ship gossip over the next couple of days and she saw little need to add any further fuel to that all ready out of control fire.

Hart: ;;trying to sound calm;; I'll fill you in as soon as I there.

Young: =/\= Oh, okay. I'll see you in a bit. =/\=

Hart: Yes. Hart out.

Francine pressed down hard on her communicator and promptly closed the channel before Natalie could utter another word. She let go of the commbadge and let it drop back down to the bottom of her bag. The turbolift once again feel back into a deafly uncomfortable silence as Francine started to shuffle about, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Unsuccessfully she tried to focus her attention back onto the LCARS screen that was now showing, much to her disbelief that they were passing Deck six. This was turning out to be the longest turbolift ride of her life and she was only going down six decks.

Her eyes pricked and her back stiffened as one of her two companions whispered something to his friend. A short reply was quick to follow then the lift fell back into silence. Francine didn't know what had just been said, or even if it had been directed at her but she felt herself filling with the righteous urge to confront the two sets of eyes that were undoubtedly leering at her. She around to face the two men officers who were looking at other. She didn't know the Petty Officer so she concentrated her full righteousness fury on Ensign Tanner, who was doing his best to keep a straight face.

Hart: Can I help you with something Ensign Tanner?

Tanner: ;;looking dead straight;; No no Ma'am. Not at all.

Hart: I should hope so.

His friend started to laugh until Francine locked her eyes on him as well. The laughter quickly died in his mouth as his body went rigid and straight.

Hart: Eyes up and straight Mister.

The Petty Officer could only nod his head in silent agreement and quickly locked his eyes on the doors in front. Francine turned back to the door as the realisation dawned on her that if they hadn't been starting at her before they most certainly would be now. She tugged again on her dress and looked back to the display in almost desperation to see it finally tick over display the number Nine. Francine let out a deep breath in relief as the turbolift finally came to a halt. The doors quickly opened and Francine stepped out into the corridor with all of the dignity that she muster. She dared not to look back over her shoulder and quickly turned down the hall leading off to the right.

OFF: Part 3 will be up either later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Francine Hart

Natalie Young


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