USS Pacifica NCC-72545

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A New Patient

Posted on Sat Jul 20th, 2013 @ 11:39am by Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Baron

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Vanessa's Office, Deck 8, USS Pacifica
Timeline: 22nd of December 2382 at 10:30


Vanessa was down in office on Deck 8 preparing for the first of several appointments that she had scheduled for the day. All but one of Vanessa's appointments were with patients who attended regular sessions with her for a myriad of different problems from a patient who was struggling to get a proper nights sleep through to people with more serious problems like PTSD. Her first appointment though with was a new patient Ensign Thomas Gregs who was coming in for the first time. Ensign Gregs was a long serving member of the Pacifica's Science Department having served under multiple department heads during his five year tenure on the Pacifica. Vanessa had talked with him occasionally on the bridge when their shifts had intersected, and through the odd performance review but outside of that she didn't really know him.

She wasn't sure why the Ensign was stopping by as he made his reasons known to her assistant nor was he asked which was Vanessa's personal procedure as she preferred her patients to address their concerns and problems in their own time. As she didn't know the reasons behind his visit the Pacifica's half Human, half Betazoid counselor was using the time to review his personnel file and the results of his latest performance review to best prepare for his visit.

Vanessa looked up from the monitor on her desk as the high pitched and excited voice of her new assistant filled the quite confines of her office and echoed off the walls.

Parrin: =^= Parrin to Counselor Baron.

Baron: +Taps+ Yes. Go ahead Darz.

Parrin: =^= Your ten thirty has just arrived.

Baron: Thank you. Please let him know that I will be with him shortly.

Parrin: =^= Yes counselor ;;slight pause then continues quietly in an almost whisper;; He appears to be very nervous about one things or another. I was wondering if I should offer him a glass of Bolian Tonic Water to help calm his nerves.

Baron: ;;smiling;; No that's all right Darz. The nerves are completely natural. All of this is a new experience for him. He'll be ok in a couple of minutes.

Parrin: =^= Are you sure Counselor?

Baron: Yes Darz I'm positive. I'll be out in a couple of minutes.

Parrin: =^= Yes Counselor. Parrin Out.

Vanessa smiled and shook her head in slight amusement. Crewman Darz Parrin had only been with the Pacifica for a couple of weeks and in that short time Vanessa had already grown quite fond of him and his easily excitable personality. Like most Bolians he was a well meaning, enthusiastic and lively individual who loved to talk about anything and everything. He also liked to try and peddle Bolian Tonic Water a beverage well known for the calming effects that it had on most humanoid species on to her patients as he believed whole heartily that the tonic water would go along way to help "cure them" as he liked it put it. She rested her chin on her left arm and went back to her reading as she quickly finished reviewing the Ensign's files. Once she was done she transferred what she believed to be the most relevant data to a PADD and stood up from her desk.

She stepped out into the waiting room and looked across to the small curved reception desk where Parrin was working away with a smile on his face. The Bolian looked up at her smiled and gestured across to the other end of the room where Ensign Thomas was perched on the edge of a chair. Parrin hadn't been exaggerating when he had told her that the Ensign was nervous as her empathic abilities were already sensing a lot of nervous energy coming from him. The nervous energy was also mixed with feelings of doubt and uncertainty.

Baron: Thomas.

Gregs: ;;looks up;; Yes?

Baron: Hi ;;smiles and points to her office;; Do you want to come on through?


Lt. Cmdr. Vanessa Baron
Ship's Counselor
USS Pacifica


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