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The First Step

Posted on Sat Jul 27th, 2013 @ 2:45am by 2nd Lieutenant Tash Stevens

Mission: Nothing Stays the Same
Location: Marine Barracks, USS Jacinta
Timeline: 19th of December 2382 17:30


~~~Marine Barracks, USS Jacinta~~~

Second Lieutenant Tash Stevens exited the office of the Jacinta's Marine Commanding Officer First Lieutenant Charles Pierce and stepped back out into the narrow corridor. Her meeting with First Lieutenant Charles "Charlie" Pierce had went as well as Tash had expected. The First Lieutenant had gallantly tried one final time to talk her out of the transfer, telling her that they could find a way to make it work her for the Jacinta but they were hollow words and they both knew it. Tash wanted to advance her career, to work her way up the ranks of the SFMC and become a Detachment Commander. That was something that she simply couldn't do on a ship the size of the Jacinta. The Jacinta's Detachment was only home to 20 marines and in such a small unit there was little room for advancement, especially in the officer ranks as there were only two officers assigned to the Intrepid Class Vessel.

She started to walk down the narrow corridor back down the way she had towards her bunk, past her own office and the shower bays. As the young marine walked she cast an eye over over the PADD that she still held firmly in her hands. The PADD contained a copy of her transfer request that had just been approved by First Lieutenant Pierce. It was starting to dawn on Tash that she had actually taken her first nervous step towards a brighter future. It was going be a couple of weeks before her transfer was processed and until she learned of where her next assignment would be but she already excitedly thinking about the possibilities. She didn't mind where she ended up serving, she just hoped though that it would be in a larger detachment.

Tash arrived outside of the bunk room that she shared with the rest of the women from the Jacinta's Marine Platoon. She stepped to the side and nodded at a fellow marine as he walked by then entered the small communal room. The bunk room which had been empty when Tash had left to meet with First Lieutenant Pierce was now occupied as Nicole Hunter was back from her four hour shift in the armoury. Corporal Hunter had been serving on the Jacinta for close to two years and stood at a height of just under 5' 7." She had short shoulder length dirty blonde hair that she was currently wearing up in a bun. The Corporal was one of the fittest members in the Platoon and was also one of the most level-headed as well. The 24 year old Corporal was currently only half dressed; the young marine was changing out of duty uniform and into her usual off duty rack clothing. She looked across at Tash as she freed her hair and greeted the Second Lieutenant with a curt nod and a smile.

Hunter: Good evening LT.

Stevens: ;;with a short smile;; Hi Nicole. Ashley and Emily not with you?

Hunter: ;;shakes her head;; They're having dinner up in the Mess with Shras before she goes on duty.

Tash nodded her head as she manoeuvred herself around the Corporal and plopped herself down on the edge of her bunk. She placed her PADD down beside her on the pillow and looked back up at Hunter who was fishing for a clean shirt in her footlocker. The marine stopped momentarily in her search and glanced over her shoulder at Tash.

Hunter: How'd your meeting with First Lieutenant Pierce go?

Stevens: ;;frowns;; How did you know that I was meeting with Pierce?

Nicole didn't reply straight away. The Corporal slipped into a bright green-marine coloured tee shirt then scrambled up on to the top bunk on the opposite wall to where Tash's bed was.

Hunter: I passed Jenkins, he said that you had nearly barrelled straight through him out in the hall. ;;glances at the PADD;; Did you the Lieutenant ask for the transfer?

Stevens: ;;nods;; I did.

Hunter: And? ;;prods;; What did he say?

Stevens: It's been approved.

Hunter: ;;smiles;; Congrats LT. Any idea where you'll end up?

Tash shook her head, it was way to soon to know where she would end serving next. Transfers like this normally took a couple of weeks to work it's way up through the Starfleet Marine Core Chain of Command. Tash half expected to take even longer as the Jacinta was operating in what the Core considered to be a virtual war zone with hostile Gorn vessels lurking behind every nebula. No matter how long it took for her transfer to come through Tash was determined to make the most of whatever time she had left on the Jacinta, as she was going to miss the Jacinta and the marines that called it home.


Second Lieuteant Tash Stevens
Marine Executive Officer
USS Jacinta


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